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Asbestos Management

Under Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, the duty holder has a responsibility to manage the risk from asbestos through identification of asbestos containing materials; determination of risk from asbestos containing materials; devising asbestos management plans; monitoring and maintaining asbestos; disseminating information relating to asbestos to those that require it.

The expertise and experience of our highly qualified and experienced staff enables 4-RAIL Services to offer the following asbestos management services :

Asbestos surveys
e.g. of premises, stations, track locations including ballast, trains, power generation sites and within electrical equipment in accordance with in accordance with HSG264 (UKAS  Inspection Body No.173). Lead surveyors hold BOHS P402 qualifications. Specialist equipment such as endoscopes are available for surveying difficult to access areas, or where full intrusive access is not operationally possible. 

Samples taken are analysed in-house in accordance with ‘Asbestos: The analysts’ guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures.’ HSG 248 (UKAS Test Lab.No.1931). Laboratory technologists hold BOHS P401 qualifications.

Priority risk assessments
to assist Clients in their management requirements under Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

of asbestos containing materials as part of a management plan. Surveyors hold BOHS P402 qualifications.

Asbestos awareness training
for occupants or staff tailored to meet client‘s specific needs.  Consultants hold BOHS Certificate of Competence (CCP).

Emergency call out services
following unforeseen fibre releases e.g. sampling suspect asbestos containing  materials; wipe sampling to determine the extent of asbestos contamination for analysis using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) (UKAS Test Lab.No.1931); airborne fibre monitoring (UKAS Test Lab.No.1931); implementing site controls as required, prior to removal of confirmed asbestos materials/dust by an agreed licensed asbestos removal contractor. 


To discuss your particular requirements regarding these or other complementary services, contact us by emailing or call us on 020 8955 1700


Asbestos Materials

Understanding the condition of any asbestos containing materials in equipment rooms allows clients to safely manage their asbestos.


Absestos Analysis

Asbestos containing materials are brought back to the laboratory for analysis using Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM).



The SEM images the sample surface by scanning it with a high-energy beam of electrons to determine its composition.