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Diesel Emissions Management Solutions

Within the confined spaces of underground or tunnel environments, the use of diesel engine equipment during engineering works causes the production of toxic fumes and diesel particulate.

The fumes can irreversibly poison staff, and diesel particulate is classed as carcinogenic. In accordance with the requirements under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 as amended (COSHH), control measures must be in place to control the emissions and reduce the impact of any fumes and dust created.

4-RAIL Services has experienced and technically qualified staff, site technologists and consultants who have vast experience in the implementation and control of diesel emissions management solutions incorporating:

Neat exhaust emissions testing of diesel engined plant prior to use on site (risk assessment prior to work commencing)

Ventilation systems Development and provision of temporary ventilation systems. Understanding neat exhaust emissions of diesel engined plant, proposed plant usage and site constraints e.g. use of existing ventilation systems, or supply of temporary additional fans.

Site controls Development of site controls to reduce the impact of diesel fumes generated e.g. influencing plant operator behaviour, sheeting across openings along the worksite, or using tunnel plugs to seal across tunnel openings. Recording site controls within an Operational Safety Plan (OSP) that the Client can include as part of their method statements.

Monitoring for airborne dust and toxic fume during the operation of diesel engined plant (accredited for airborne dust monitoring, UKAS Test Lab. No. 1931). Personal monitoring for comparison with Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) where they exist e.g. for airborne dust.

Site management: install, maintain and remove agreed ventilation systems and site controls; provision of tool-box talks on diesel emissions; assist in monitoring of behaviour on site; monitoring of airborne dust and toxic fumes.

Risk assessment including interpretation of monitoring results by formally qualified staff.

Hire of toxic gas monitors fitted with electrochemical cells specific to diesel fumes, approved for use on the London Underground sub-surface and tunnel network.

PDF Training in toxic gas monitoring during the use of small engine plant.

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Diesel Emissions in Tunnel

Ventilation enhancements of tunnel locations and diesel emissions management solutions ensure safe operation of diesel powered engineering plant .


Gas Monitors

London Underground approved toxic gas monitors are maintained, used and hired out to monitor toxic fume levels during the operation of diesel engined plant in tunnels.


Dust Suppression

Fine water mists are installed and managed in worksites in tunnels to keep dust levels down and localised for easy clean up at the end of work.