Company Vision and Strategy

To provide our clients with a
professional service, delivering
quality on time and to budget, and
working together with our clients to
Reduce Risk and Improve Safety

Emergency Support

4-RAIL Services can offer 24 hour 365 days a year emergency support services to our Clients in many areas. Response can be within 4 hours.

The support that we can offer our Clients includes :

Asbestos sampling and containment of unforeseen releases When asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are uncovered that were not identified in pre-start surveys e.g. within the concrete fabric of a structure, or when there has been unforeseen damage to ACMs, trained staff can attend site to take bulk and wipe samples for analysis (UKAS accredited for bulk sampling of ACMs, Inspection Body No.173). Prior to knowing the results of analysis, if necessary, advice can be given as to how to contain the material. Air monitoring can be carried out to confirm the levels of associated airborne contamination.

Bulk samples taken are analysed in-house by laboratory technologists holding BOHS P401 qualifications. Wipe samples taken are analysed in-house by trained and qualified laboratory technologists skilled in using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) (UKAS Test Lab.No.1931).

If the suspect material is shown to contain asbestos, Consultants can arrange for an approved licensed asbestos removal contractor to safely remove the material and carry out an associated environmental clean as required.

Slip resistance assessments Following a slipping incident in a particular area or on a specific type of flooring, 4-RAIL Services trained staff can attend site at the first available opportunity to carry out slip resistance assessments (UKAS Test Lab.No. 1931).

Smells and odours To identify and characterise unusual odours. Techniques used can involve on-site monitoring with photo-ionisation detectors and standard gas monitors as well as samples collected on absorbent tubes for laboratory analysis using gas chromatography – mass spectrometry and related techniques.

Deposits  Occasionally deposits of unknown substances are found that therefore present an unknown risk to personnel in the location. Samples are collected from site and analysed to characterise the material and determine if the material presents a risk to personnel in the area and what remedial measures may be required.

To discuss your particular requirements regarding these or other complementary services,  contact us by emailing or call us on 020 8955 1700


Emergency Asbestos Identification

Emergency attendance to sample possible asbestos containing materials identified during engineering work reduces delays in project delivery.


Incident Support

4-RAIL Services have worked alongside police departments when dealing with major incidents in the London area.


Emergency Call Out

Emergency call out under framework agreements for clients support 24-hour operation.