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4RS deliver solutions to planned track and concrete slab replacement works as part of the £16 million improvement to the Glasgow subway system.

4RS delivers a range of services to Colas Rail as part of tunnel improvement works to the 120 year old Glasgow subway system. A diesel management solution using ventilation and gas monitoring within the sub surface tunnels and further assessments, analysis and testing operations were supplied in support of the works.

  • Temporary Power Supply - 4RS managed the installation and maintenance of a temporary 3-phase power supply providing power to the ventilation system, worksite lighting, various 100 Volt tools, diamond drilling rigs and hydraulic bursters.
  • Ventilation System - 4RS installed and maintained the temporary ventilation system within the 2 Box chambers and single bore tunnels to ensure dust and fumes were adequately diluted and vented away from the worksite.
  • Gas Monitoring – 4RS provided 24 hour gas monitoring, air quality assessments and environmental noise assessments throughout the duration of the 4 week blockade.
  • Concrete Testing / Analysis – 2400 tonnes of concrete were poured during the blockade to form new track slab. 4RS technicians performed slump testing and concrete cube sampling. Working within time critical timescales technicians completed compressive strength tests on the concrete cubes.