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4RS Provides full suite of environmental services and materials to the £1 billion London Bridge Station development project

London Bridge Development

4RS are delighted to have delivered ongoing services and expertise to the London Bridge Station Redevelopment Project as part of the Thameslink Upgrade.

4RS undertook Hazardous Materials Survey’s for Network Rail by surveying the existing London Bridge Station structures and historic arches (beneath the station) prior to the demolition and subsequent refurbishment.

  • Asbestos – 4RS surveyed for asbestos containing materials in accordance with the HSG 264, sampled material (HSG 248) and completed risk assessments of each material based on material assessment and the perceived usage of area in line with HSG 264
  • Paint - 4RS sampled and analysed paint for lead content in accordance with the Control of Lead at Work Regulations (2002).
  • Avian and rodent activity, needles and other potential sharps, horse hair plaster sampling for anthrax spores and any other potentially hazardous materials - 4RS made visual assessment, quantification and sampling, recommendations for site removal.
    • Pigeon guano dust can lead to a variety of lung complaints, including inflammation of the airways. Exposure to rat urine can potentially lead to contracting of leptospirosis.
    • Historically certain types of building materials, such as horse hair plaster, have contained naturally occurring Bacillus anthracis endospores. Bacillus anthracis endospores cause anthrax disease, an acute respiratory infection that can causes pneumonia and respiratory failure. Bacillus anthracis endospores are able to remain dormant for many years and can cause infection if inhaled.

4RS were subsequently contracted by the principle contractor - Costain to provide an extensive suite of services including:

  • Management of asbestos removal and stage 4 clearances
  • Lead monitoring during the deconstruction of specific structures
  • Air quality assessments, including dust and aerosols
  • Workplace noise and environmental assessments.
  • Materials testing including concrete coring, concrete compressive strength and flooring slip resistance assessments.