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Workplace & Materials Testing

There are a variety of ways people can be exposed to health risks in the workplace.

These range from physical dangers, such as slippery surfaces or noisy machinery, to potentially serious biological and chemical hazards. 

Risks will vary according to environment and can increase during different phases of a project, especially those involving demolition or refurbishment.

And it’s not just employees. Companies have a wider duty of care to protect clients, visitors and even members of the general public.

Whether you’re a principal contractor planning large scale engineering works, or a safety manager wanting a single slip test for a new floor tile, we have the expertise to help.

No project is too big, no task too small, no question too obvious.

Our experienced and highly qualified site surveyors and technologists offer a full range of monitoring and consultancy services to help you identify possible problems and implement the management solutions appropriate for your business.

We can provide one-off answers, background support and guidance, or fully integrated partnership throughout an entire project - ensuring you’re doing everything possible to protect your employees in all working situations, from the ordinary and everyday, to the new and challenging. 


  • Scientific Evaluation

According to client and site requirements, we may use chemical, compositional or mechanical analysis, or comparison evaluations (performance against industry standards and/or ‘new’ versus ‘old’), to produce the most helpful and effective results. We pride ourselves on the depth and rigour of our analytical processes, which include:

  • Compositional Evaluation
    Elemental and chemical analysis.
  • Mechanical Analysis
    Evaluation of the compressive and tensile strength properties of materials, for example:
    - Hardness testing & evaluation
    - Impact testing & evaluation
    - Failure analysis & investigation
  • Macroscopic and Microscopic Analysis
    Investigations using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and elemental analysis via EDXS.
  • Noise Assessments

Occupational noise monitoring in line with regulatory compliance.

  • Paint Sampling & Analysis for Lead

On-site sampling of existing paint coatings is followed by evaluation in our laboratory using Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AA) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to analyse individual layers of material.
Clients are provided with a full report following analysis, pinpointing areas where lead has been identified and recommending control measures as necessary. Following implementation, we can also provide the required workplace exposure monitoring to confirm the effectiveness of the control measures.


  • Hazardous Materials Surveys

Sampling, identification and quantification of a variety of potential hazards, including:

  • Sampling paint coatings for lead and chromium content
  • Bulk sampling for Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs)
  • Sampling of horsehair plaster for potential anthrax spore contamination
  • Identification of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) hazards
  • Identification of biological hazards, e.g. pigeon faeces, hypodermic needles, glass sharps, rodent activity, etc.


  • Fire Properties Assessments

Using a specially developed heat gun we are able to assess the fire properties of existing paint coatings prior to refurbishment or redecoration works (particularly recommended for underground locations). This establishes whether or not the application of a new paint coating system over the existing paintwork would create a fire hazard.
In-situ assessments of adhesion of the existing paintwork to its substrate also form part of this process.

  • Slip Resistance Assessments

We can undertake slip resistance assessments on site or in our laboratory using a TRL pendulum tester. We work in accordance with the guidelines issued by the UK Slip Resistance Group, as recommended by the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL), and hold UKAS accreditation for the slip test procedure BS7976-2 (UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1931).

  • Drop Hammer Testing (BRE Screed Test) (BS 8204)

This methodology is used to assess the soundness of newly laid screeds.